Women That Have Climbed Mount Everest


Mount Everest is the Earths highest mountain and measures 8,848m in height. It is situated on the border between China and Nepal and as given its official name Everest in 1865 by the Royal Geographical Society. There are two routes that you can take to climb one from the north in Tibet and the other from Nepal in the southeast. There are dangers involved and there have been over 200 deaths. There are, however, many women who have climbed mount everest.

The first woman to climb Everest was Junko Tabei, she was 35 when she completed the journey in 1975. Junko went on to climb in more than 70 countries and also became the first woman to climb the tallest mountains in seven continents. Sadly Junko died from cancer at the age of 77 but continued to climb whilst being diagnosed.

On the 13 May 1995, Alison Hargreaves became the first British climber to reach the summit without the aid of oxygen or the help of sherpas. This made history, Alison intended to climb the three highest mountains in one season but was sadly killed whilst attempting to climb the K2 a mountain on the Pakistan- China border. Her son Tom Ballard is now an accomplished climber himself and plans to climb the K2 as a legacy to his mother.

The most successful woman to climb Mount Everest is Lhakpa Sherpa a 42-year-old Nepalese who has managed to climb the mountain a record seven times. She was one of eleven children and completed her last climb in 2016 after having to postpone an attempt in 2015 due to the earthquake which struck in Nepal killing over 9,000 and forcing the China and Nepal governments to suspend climbing on the mountain. Lhakpa completed the task in May 2016. She received no formal training for climbing but her ex-husband was an accomplished climber and they climbed Everest together several times before they divorced.

The first American, Melissa Arnot reached the summit of Everest without using oxygen on May 23, 2016, making it a dream come true for her. It does, however, come with some doubt as in 1998 another American Francys Arsentiev climbed with her husband without oxygen but failed to do the descent as she died during the climb.

Brigitte Muir is an inspirational Australian who became the first to climb Everest and also the only male or female to have climbed the highest mountain on each continent. It has taken her nine years and she has won several awards including a Geographic Award for Excellence and a Medal for Services to Mountaineering. She has featured in a television documentary which was broadcast internationally and written a book about her courage, determination and remarkable achievement.

The oldest woman so far to climb Everest is a Japanese called Tamae who at 73 years of age completed the journey in 2012 and broke her own record from a previous climb. Tamae has also climbed other famous mountains including the Eiger, Mount McKinley, and Lhotse.

There are many successful women that have climbed the Mount Everest, 489 have been recorded up to 2016. Many have achieved remarkable success with several records being held by women. It does, however, come with danger and it is recommended that you go with a sherpa when attempting to climb the tallest mountain in the world.